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This is an audition track! We're looking for a new second guitarist and a new vocalist.

We're located in Cleveland, OH. If you're interested, please message us directly at

Please read ALL of this if you’re interested in auditioning, and if you know somebody else who might fit the bill, please share this with them!

For those of you who are interested in trying out, this song will be the first step of the process.

First of all, here are some basic guidelines for prospective new members:

- Must be driven, fun and easy-going (remember, we’re not just looking for new band-mates, we’re looking for friends/family/business partners)
- Must desire and be able to play gigs, write, practice, record, promote, the whole shebang
- Must be professional, dependable, creative, flexible, forward-thinking
- Our practice schedule is Wednesday and Sunday nights every week (In Mentor, OH – Practice space is free of cost. We plan our lives around these practices)
- Must be an experienced player/vocalist with professional gear (vocalists should have their own mic, but we have a P.A.)
- Must have reliable sources of income and transportation
- We want you to be joining this because you love our music, but ALSO because you believe in your ability to enhance what we’ve already got going on.

We’re easygoing and open-minded guys. We respect each other as friends and musicians. We aim to write progressive music, and we want to know that you’re musical mentality is open to and influenced by all sorts of genres (or at least more than just Metal).

*Audition Process for Guitarists:
We’re not looking for someone who can just play our music. We want someone who’s got their own style, creativity and vision. We want to know that you would be writing music even without a band to back you up. For the first part of the audition, we’d like to see you learn and play “Activate”. Send a direct message to the band Facebook to let us know that you’re interested, and Brian will personally send you the tabs for the song. For the second part of the audition, we want to know what sort of stuff you write on your own. Send us videos and/or audio recordings of you playing both “Activate” and your own stuff. And if it seems like you’re a good candidate, we’ll chat with ya some more and get you out to our practice spot!

*Audition Process for Vocalists:

We’re not the brutal sounding band that our first album (The Dawning of Dystopia) would have you believe. It’s very important to us that you have a unique and confident SINGING voice. That being said, we still have heavy parts in our songs, so we’re also looking for someone who knows how to be aggressive (screaming, yelling, whatever you do) whenever it’s called for. But honestly, we’re open to hearing any interpretation of our music, so show us what you’ve got! What we DO know about what we want in a vocalist is the following: We’re looking for someone who respects and understands their craft as both a songwriter and a lyricist. You’re not just a frontman, you’re a poet and a musician as well. As far as abilities go, you should have great senses of timing, lyricism, space, pitch and tastefulness. Send a direct message to our Facebook page if you’re interested, and then send us a video of you performing the song along with a copy of your lyrics. Just like the guitarist audition process, if it seems like you’re a good candidate, we’ll talk some more and get you out to our practice spot to hang out with us!

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!!


released 04 April 2015
Music written by Ruled By Reason
Produced/Engineered by Matthew Tarach
© 2015 Ruled By Reason



all rights reserved


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Ruled By Reason Cleveland, Ohio

We're just four guys from Cleveland who love making progressive music. We started this in 2008, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

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